Heavy Hauling


Heavy Hauling
For Lexington, KY & Beyond

Our dedicated & trained staff is committed to achieving excellence in all transport needs. With a diverse fleet of transport trucks & trailers, we can rapidly mobilize the necessary resources for almost any size project. Our state of the art dispatching center allows efficient utilization of our modern fleet. We have the equipment to move your freight:

  • 6-12 axle RGN units
  • Beam trailers
  • Sliding axle trailers
  • Flatbed trailers

24-Hour Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Assistance

While we hope that your vehicles or machinery never break down, there is always the slight chance that it could happen. Breaking down on the side of a road can be a nerve-wracking occurrence, leaving you scrambling to find a solution. At Roberts Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery, we have designed a 24-hour towing & recovery system that allows our employees to venture out to Lexington, Louisville, Mt. Sterling, Richmond, and surrounding areas providing heavy hauling assistance to those who need it.

Potential Uses for Heavy Hauling Equipment

There are many applications for our heavy hauling equipment. We can help move construction equipment, tow vehicles of any size, and transport heavy components for industrial sites. We can also haul products and heavy freight for retail sale. Our diverse selection of vehicles allows you to transport what you need from place to place as efficiently as possible and without causing any damage to your equipment or products. Our drivers are well-trained and adhere to high professional standards to make sure your project proceeds efficiently. If you need to transport heavy vehicles, equipment, supplies, or building components, our heavy haulers will be able to get the job done for you. No matter how far you need to haul your supplies, our professional team is here to help.

Call or email Roberts Heavy Duty Towing today. We are here to help! We provide heavy hauling services for Richmond, Lexington, Louisville, Mt. Sterling, and surrounding areas. If you need to transport something a little smaller, we got you covered! Our company provides light-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, and 24-hour towing and recovery. Whatever the case may be, let us help you today! Give us a call to get started!